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HR Consulting Service in Hong Kong

Our team of HR consultants are here to offer you the best solutions for your unique and complex challenges.

With our help, you can maximise your revenues and profits by leveraging our expertise in talent selection, measurement, retention, and development. Let us be your partner in driving up the success of your business; we will effectively implement an HR strategy tailored to the needs of your organisation and help it achieve its growth goals.

Favorite Services

Our HR consulting services include but not limited to the following:

People Management

-Job Description development and review – job functions, responsibility, competences and skills
-Competency & KPI identification – job requirements and organisational objectives

Management Process

  • Performance Management Process – framework development, appraisal form creation
  • Exit interviews – as a neutral third party interviewer
  • Employee Engagement Survey – reveal employee motives, job satisfaction, loyalty and company culture
  • HR Audit – review of operations, structure and management


  • Staff Handbook Development – clear guidelines, staff rights and responsibilities
  • Benefit and Compliance Reviews – gap analysis or benchmarking
  • Salary Benchmarks – up-to-date salary data and a salary index reference

Organisational Culture

  • Orientation/Selection Workshops – an effective competence based selection process and orientation program
  • Team Building Activities – events to increase staff motivation and cooperation
  • Career Counseling Workshops – workshops providing different skill sets
  • Training Programs – leadership, presentation and communication skills training programs

Acquisition and Optimization

  • Assessment Center & Psychological Assessment – benchmarking top performers, recruitment selection, staff development
  • Capability Assessment – evaluate staff using psychological tools and behavioral interviews
  • 360 Degree Survey – 360 degree survey and data analysis
  • Succession Profiling – assist the management team in determining profile of future leaders and identifying areas of development

Optimizing business processes from A to Z to increase your business competitiveness.

About Company

Why Should Organizations Should Consider HR Consulting

HR consulting services can provide organizations with a wealth of benefits, from streamlining recruitment processes to improving HR policies and procedures. HR consultants specialize in human resources which makes them well-versed in the best HR practices and strategies, enabling them to quickly identify problems and create innovative solutions that could save time and money for an organization. Additionally, HR consulting firms bring deep expertise across a variety of topics, such as employee engagement, compliance, training, and onboarding – all of which can help create a more productive and efficient workplace environment. Ultimately, HR consulting is an essential part of achieving long-term organizational success since without it careers cannot reach their full potential.

Growth 80 %
Retention 90 %
Acquisition 100 %
Why Work With Us

The Benefits of HR Consulting for Companies

Human resources (HR) consulting is an important component of any organization. It can help companies improve their hiring process, build a positive work environment, and develop better employee relations. Consultants are knowledgeable in all areas of HR, from the hiring process to employee development and beyond. Read on to learn more about why your company may need to consider using HR consultants.

Improve Hiring Process

Having a well-defined and effective hiring process is one of the best ways for a business to find the right employees for their organization.

Create Positive Work Environment

An experienced HR consultant will be able to identify areas where improvements can be made within the workplace, such as introducing flexible working arrangements or developing better communication between managers and employees.

Develop Employee Relationships

By introducing new policies and procedures, such as conflict resolution strategies or team building activities, an experienced consultant can help foster healthy relationships between co-workers and supervisors alike.

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