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Tailor your CV to secure an interview

Kelly Lee
Digital Content Specialist

Each job application is unique. Therefore, it is important to approach each one differently. Figuring out how to tailor your CV can seem difficult, as there are only so many ways that you can rephrase your personal statement. However, it is important to understand what tailoring your CV means and how to tailor your CV to fit a job description. Tailoring your CV to a specific job can mean the difference between getting called in for an interview, and having your application overlooked by a prospective employer.

So, how can you tailor your CV for interview success?

Why you should tailor your CV

A tailored CV will mean that your application is perfectly suited for any job that you are applying for. Although there are some areas of your CV that will not change, there are areas that should be reviewed before you apply for any role.

When applying for roles, a lot of people simply click the quick apply button without so much of a review of their CV. While sometimes this might work if you are applying for a similar role, in other cases you might be applying for a role in a different industry, or for a business that does something completely different to your current one. You should tailor your CV because it not only boosts your application, but it enables you to better align your skills and experience with the specific requirement of the roles you are applying to.

Employers often use your CV to formulate interview questions, tailoring your CV may give you some control over what you are asked, and will ultimately enable you to formulate answers and scenarios that will highlight your suitability for the position.

Job types

If you are applying for a number of different job types, tailoring your CV to fit these is crucial. The market is particularly competitive, so standing out against a sea of other applications is key when applying for a job. Think about the key skills and experience you would use to succeed in this role and highlight them throughout your CV.


Different industries, even if it is the same role, require different skills and an alternative approach. Therefore, when you are submitting your application, it is important to consider the industry you are applying for and be sure to angle your skills and experience in a way that would be appealing to your prospective employer who is hiring in this space.

The key areas of your CV to focus on

There are certain areas of your that you should pay close attention to when you are adapting your CV for different roles.

Your?personal statement?should be adapted for every job that you apply for. This is because it is the first thing employers look at. If they do not get the impression you are suited to the role from the first few lines, it is likely you will not be successful. Try to highlight your key goals, experience, and personal traits that match the job specification or business that you are applying for in the personal statement.

Secondly, your skills and experience should be tailored to reflect that of the job you are applying for as well. There may be certain elements of your previous roles that highlight your skills and suitability for a new potential position. Maybe you have direct experience in something mentioned on the job specification but haven?t highlighted it in your application. This is where you can add this in.

Next, consider reworking your hobbies and interests to better fit the business and what it does. If you have a hobby or interest that fits with the business you are applying for, or that you think might be an interesting talking point during your interview, then adding it in could help your application to stand out.

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