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How to become a Brand Designer

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How to become a Brand Designer

Have you got boundless creativity and endless curiosity? Perhaps you?re after a career that allows you to devise unique ideas and work hard to bring them to life. Well, the role of a Brand Designer might just be the pathway for you.

In this role, you?ll design or redesign an identity for a product, service or organisation. Brand Designers create visual identities (logos, favicons, colours, fonts), print media, out-of-home-media, packaging, online campaigns, websites, applications and much more.

It?s a role that requires a natural talent for creative thinking. Plus, you?ll need enough passion and determination to turn ideas and visualisations into finished products. As a Brand Designer, you?ll work closely from a client brief, with a view to always satisfy their goals and objectives.

So, if you?re ready to find out more, here?s a comprehensive overview on how to become a Brand Designer.

What does a Brand Designer do?

In order to breathe life into a brand and give it a tangible identity, a Brand Designer must continually develop ideas and strategies that show insight and innovation. They express their thinking via words and imagery that cuts through the noise and strikes a chord with the public.

To achieve this, Brand Designers work through client briefs. Firstly they research the client and their commercial environment, objectives and the subject at hand. They then work closely with the client, as well as their own colleagues, to see projects through to fruition.

A Brand Designer?s creativity really comes into play during the design stages or ?sprints? of client projects. This all falls under the direction of a Senior Designer. During this process, Brand Designers must collaborate with planners, account and project managers and artworkers.

While they also work with third-party suppliers such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators and animators, Brand Designers are responsible for owning, shaping, developing and delivering work. Dependent upon the agency, they may also contribute to pitches, new business and farming efforts.

What skills does a Brand Designer need?

An eye for outstanding visuals and an ability to turn creativity into practice are key in this role. But, they?re far from the only requirements of the job. In order to excel in a career as a Brand Designer, you?ll also need the ability to:

  • Understand and solve design-orientated problems
  • Clearly visualise and understand target audiences and create materials that will appeal to them
  • Translate creative thinking into imagery and copy that retains and clearly expresses the initial ideas
  • Keep creative elements under control in order to deliver them on brief, on time and on budget, often to tight deadlines
  • Work comfortably both as part of a team and individually
  • Brief and collaborate with a wide variety of individuals, inside and outside of your own organisation, including professionals, clients and staff
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