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3 steps to choose the best hiring tech

Kelly Lee
Digital Content Specialist
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Hiring has changed beyond all recognition since the pandemic struck earlier this year. In response, hiring organisations have been forced to adopt new digital strategies to engage, hire and onboard talent, which will inevitably have a long-term impact on the industry.

Today?s talent leaders are challenged on how to effectively harness technology within a new operating model; one that supports the end-to-end talent process and drives strong performance.

However, rushing to digitally transform hiring practices could come at a heavy price. Choosing and integrating the right technology for the right reasons needs significant thought and planning, otherwise companies run the risk of losing time, money and the reputation of their employer brand.

1. Put candidate experience front and centre

Candidate experience comes first above all else. Lockdown has accelerated our online buying habits, with businesses moving to a digital strategy to meet the demand of online buying trends. Finding a job is no different. Aim to excite your candidate by creating an experience that makes them feel valued and connected. Automation can help, but remember real people need to be involved at the right stage.

2. Don?t be dazzled by features

Technology is constantly evolving and offers lots of bells and whistles to help your TA team work their magic. But some tech features will be superfluous if your recruiters and hiring managers cannot see the value of using the technology. Make sure you invest in a mix of technology that improves the hiring process for all users; hiring managers, recruiters and management alike. If people don?t actually enjoy the experience or fail to fully understand how to operate the technology, it could cause serious damage to your ability to hire.

3. Have one eye on the future

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, you need to invest in software that evolves, too. When selecting the appropriate tech, make sure it meets your business requirements today and is ready for tomorrow. Ensure it is scalable enough to support future growth plans and can integrate with the systems used by existing or future technology partners.

Buying technology is not difficult, buying the right technology can be.

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