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香港Marketing Analyst人工及入行前景詳細報告


每月總收入 (中位數)

Marketing Analyst Salaries by Experience

Marketing Analyst 人工與年資(新入行至資深年資)的相關性

Find out what you should earn with a customized salary estimate and negotiate pay with confidence.


  • Junior (up to 2 years of work experience)
  • Middle (3 – 5 years of work experience)
  • Senior (more than 6 years of work experience) 
  • Junior (2年或以下相關經驗)
  • Middle (3 – 5 年相關經驗)
  • Senior (6年或以上相關經驗) 

Marketing Analyst Job Summary:

Collecting opinions, attitudes and preferences of consumers using targeted questionnaires, telephone surveys, etc.
Processing acquired data and its interpretation in the form of written analyses.
Proposing recommendations regarding products and/or services, their distribution and prices.
Cooperating with research agencies and the management of the company.

Marketing Analyst Salaries by Education

Marketing Analyst人工與學歷前景的相關性

We explore the average salary earned at each educational level so you can better understand your current earning potential and make a smarter decision as to whether or not earning a bachelor degree makes sense for you in Hong Kong.


Marketing Analyst Salaries by Age Group

Marketing Analyst人工與年齡層的相關性

We explore the average salary earned at each age group so you can better understand your current earning potential in Hong Kong.


Marketing Analyst Salaries by Company Size

Marketing Analyst人工與公司規模的相關性

Did small, medium or large companies top the list for wage growth?


  • Small (up to 50 employees)
  • Middle (51 – 249 employees)
  • Large (250 and more employees)
  • Small Company(50人或以下公司)
  • Middle Company(51 – 249 人公司)
  • Large Company(250人或以上公司)
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