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Authorization form

Reference Check Authorization Letter

To whom it may concern, I hereby authorize Nesta (Hong Kong) Limited to collect my previous employment details related to my dates of employment, position held, salaries, performance and leaving reason. I would be thankful if you could provide the information above. I understand the information will be strictly confidential and used as employment purpose under the privacy ordinance. The information which collected will be deleted within 1 year. Thank you for your kind attention.


敬啟者, 本人現授權Nesta (Hong Kong) Limited收集我的前任僱主有關我的僱傭日期、所擔任的職位、薪金、表現以及離職原因的詳情。 若貴方能提供上述資訊,我將感激不盡。我明白這些資訊將會嚴格保密,並根據私隱條例僅用作僱傭用途。收集的資訊將在1年內刪除。 感謝您的關注。 謹啟